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Factorio - It's like Buildcraft and Industrial craft on crack

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I got this game a couple days ago and it's really awesome, I've probably dumped 20 hours into it so far. If any of you like the Buildcraft and Industrial Craft aspects of technic, you should totally check out Factorio. You tech up your industry and production, harvest resources, and pollute the air (which causes the wild life to attack you). Has a lot of depth and it's very fun building up your factory. They're releasing multiplayer soon (they've been focusing on it for a couple weeks now).


Website: http://www.factorio.com/

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I picked this up last month.  it's pretty neat, but I usually end up getting discouraged part-way in when I realize my whole factory setup is inherently fucked due to some issue with how I designed it and that I would have to somehow redesign everything to continue expanding.  I do like it though and I am looking forward to future updates.

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