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Clones. Sorta. Not really. Bug.

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So... I keep seeing this, something's up. For some reason, Every few times I go to space through the Enhanced Portals system, this happens. I get clones of my friends, and myself, start appearing. They are invincible, mobs don't agro on them, and all my friends can see them.

I only had one before, but now I have many many more.

Here's the images. As you can see in the last two, I'm the only one logged in.





So yeah. Any help? Or do I just have to deal until they fix it?

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Restarting the server should clear those - for me it seemed to be morph that was causing it, If you can, can you try disabling that serverside (just move the morph jar out of the mod folder) briefly and see if you can confirm it?


They can cause issues - they're fine where they are but if one of them ends up in a portal you'll get a crash.

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