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TekTeam [Small] [New] [Hamachi]

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Hello! I made a Hamachi server!


-Number of people desired: 3-4


-Active time zone: CST


-Activity level: 2 Hours a day. No more, rarely less.


-Inactive mods: None


Will be building a town right ahead of spawn. 

Will have:
-Solar plant

-Nuclear generator (2 later on..)


-4 HUGE towers at each corner. (Each player will have one, each player builds their own)


-Quarry (Dug up using quarries and Mining turtles)

-Town hall (Where plans, quests, ect. are posted)

-Trade post (Divided into four booths for each player)

-Walls (Possibly a forcefield too)


Will not be on today. May take vacations.

Server up from 12:00 Noon to 9:00 at night.

Post here if interested.

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