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  1. hey buddy, you alive?

  2. Hello i am Th3SpazzyTr011 the owner of my server OsmiumVoltz Gaming, I am looking for Admin. IP: Port:25565 This is format for application: Age: IGN (in game name): How Responsible you think you are: Do you have experience being an admin: Why do you want to become an admin for my server:
  3. The new server is because my server broke but one thing none of you will be admins
  4. Hello and this is my tekkit lite server NeenCraft. Its a fun war server that is whitelisted for now, Anyways i need admins and builders for spawn. RULES 1. No Foul language. 2. No rudeness to all staff memebers. 3. No Racism. 4. Have Fun Admin Rules 1. No admin abuse. IP: How to Apply to be admin/spawn builder: IGN: Age: Do you have any admin/building epic things experience: What Good would you be to the server: Are you good at building: There are to teams: Team Neen and Team Meep, You can join team Neen or you can join team Meep, But you cant switch teams after you picked, Each team starts with iron tools. you must find a place to make your team base. You have to walk five hundred blocks before building. you build your team base, name it. Then I SpazoTron9 Will be head commander of team Neen and thrillrider78 the head admin will be head commander of team Meep. The teams will be sorted after
  5. Hello Thrillrider i would love to join your server, so pls Whitelist me, i am you friendly neighbourhood tekkit player
  6. IGN:SpazoTron9 AGE:11 WHY YOU WOULD LIKE TO JOIN: I would like to join because i dont like big massive servers. There is just too many griefers.