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Looking for Experienced Youtubers on this AOTB LETS PLAY

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Server IP:
About Us:
 This server will be for creating YouTube Let's Play videos. We're looking for ONLY 1 additional players to join us!!! We are looking for people who are trustworthy and that have created let's plays before.
  We're looking to make friends here, and essentially make a connection with other people running channels, so that everyone on the server can create videos during their game play and we can all link and suggest the other players episodes, etc. We feel this could improve not only our own viewer numbers, but also those of the other players on the server.
  If interested, please contact Me via PM or post with info about yourself and at least one link to a let's play or something of that sort that you have released.
Server Features:
NO banned items.
ALL AotBT Mods are included and up to date with the latest pack version.
1. Pranks ARE ALLOWED but no griefing
      if you want to prank someone don't blow up their house or steal from them.
2. NO duping
3. NO X-raying texture packs or mods
4. If you use a 'nerd pole' (a column of dirt/cobble/sand etc) Clean it up, don't leave it sittin' there uglyin' up the place
5. NO griefing
6. NO stealing
7. NO rapid killing for no reason
8. NO taking other peoples graves
9. Follow what other peoples signs say like if your in a shop pay the amount they say
10. Portals are allowed, provided you leave sufficient distance that they don't accidentally mix-link
  If you break any of theses rules you will be immediately banned so you cant ruin the server for the
rest of us.
Application Requirements:
Why do you wish to join the server?:
How often will you be on?
How often will you create episodes?
Would you be interested in doing 'crossover' episodes?:
Provide a link to a previously created YouTube Episode/Series:
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