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Small Tekkit Lite Server


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Hello Tekkiters!


I've got a itch to play Tekkit Lite in survival with some friends. I'll host a server for us, which will be whitelisted of course.


My server is all about surviving in the wild, experiment with industrial craft and other mods, explore new biomes, migrate after a while to keep things fresh. There are no plugins, just vanilla Tekkit Lite!


If you would like to meet people to play with, have fun and play together, apply here!


I require Steam or Skype in order to keep contact, sometimes the server's IP has to change and so I can warn the players. PM me if you want to apply!


My server will be hosted on a solid computer, here are the specs:


i7 920 @ 2.67GHZ


GTX 650

120GB Crucial M500 SSD

1TB Hard Drive

Ethernet cable connection (very stable and fast)


My timezone is GMT+1 Brussels

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Heya, sounds very interesting. Would love to join you as I've been searching for a nice small server. Do you have anything like a teamspeak server?

I love building big stuff and espetially with other players.


Age: 21

ign: MartynMagic

Country: Scotland (atm)

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Hello magniffico!


Sorry, there's no such thing as teamspeak server, me and my buddy mostly write on chat and we're happy with that.


I personally cannot understand online conversation due to being hearing impaired.


I'll whitelist you and send a PM.


Do you have steam? That would be great to keep contact!

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Howdy howdy.


IGN: WanderingStars

Age: 23

Country: USA


Although, I am not active during most daytime USA hours, my active hours are around 7PM PDT to 9AM PDT.


I'm interested in joining and exclusively using Mystcraft. I enjoy collecting pages, getting a comprenhensive "library" of world books to set up on display in, well, a library. I would love to make people their own customized worlds as well if it is desired, but I am uncertain as to if you will be banning this mod. For some reason, every server I look at bans it ouright without a second thought, much to my dismay, so I am stuck looking at smaller servers (which are better servers anyway - whitelisted, small groups tend to come with better behaved people.)


If you won't be banning that mod I would love to join. I probably won't check this forum much, it would be easier to get in contact with me via Steam, I'll PM you a link to my profile.

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IGN: TheRedBug :3

Age: 17

Country: Canada

I like to play on small tekkit servers with no (or not alot) banned items.

 I like to help other people, and i totaly love to trade items (or energy ;) )


I look forward for this server, and i hope i will be able to join soon :D

take care everyone!

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IGN: Nickc126

Age: 17

Country: United States of America

Reason or Reasons for wanting to join?: I'm looking for a small servers that i can help people out with simple ranging to advanced problems. Also I enjoy playing on smaller servers!

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