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Small Tekkit Lite Server


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Why hello there ladies gentlemen (HI)

The In Game Name bestowethed upon me is DJLeftClick (IGN DJLeftClick)

I was faithfully birthed 14 years ago by Madame My Mother (age 14)

I am in a long line of Canadians under the watchful eye of thy queen Elizabeth II (Canada)

I would formally like to request a position in this fine establishment (I'm bored and want to play some tekkit)

Thank you kind sirs or madames

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Howdy howdy.


IGN: WanderingStars

Age: 23

Country: USA


Although, I am not active during most daytime USA hours, my active hours are around 7PM PDT to 9AM PDT.


I'm interested in joining and exclusively using Mystcraft. I enjoy collecting pages, getting a comprenhensive "library" of world books to set up on display in, well, a library. I would love to make people their own customized worlds as well if it is desired, but I am uncertain as to if you will be banning this mod. For some reason, every server I look at bans it ouright without a second thought, much to my dismay, so I am stuck looking at smaller servers (which are better servers anyway - whitelisted, small groups tend to come with better behaved people.)


If you won't be banning that mod I would love to join. I probably won't check this forum much, it would be easier to get in contact with me via Steam, I'll PM you a link to my profile.

I don't want to advertise, but my little server allows Mystcraft and you sound like a very decent person so it would be likely I accept your application. Here's a link to my post:

'?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>

I have world instabilities turned off but if you want I can turn them back on to make it a bit harder.

Forgive me if anyone considers this advertising :(

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wondering if im a bit late :D

Im a bit of a noob, but ill deal with that in the long run

Age: 16

Life story: i dont even know, memory wiped by the government i think...

Name: TedSmoove

Steam name if wanted: iM_Jokerz


Skype name if wanted: Elliot Kocic

Preferably steam just for simplicity but either or

Might take a bit to reply to any message but i will do eventually

I may need a bit or a lot of guidance into the realms of tekkit lite, but I think that I can pick it up quickly, maybe I will become a master of the tekkit world of minecraft. Well there's my life story of sorts so now it's up to you friend. :)


Almost forgot im in England and the weather sucks :'(

Wow i love making essays on posts, it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside...

And yes i am completely out of my mind :D -ish

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It's ok for you to advertise your tekkit server, just for Wandering Stars though.


Burlo! I've sent you a PM!


OfficialSerbian, I've sent you a PM!


Ahah looks like you're a nice guy to hang out with :)

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Username: Jaqual


Country: USA


Age: 18


I wanted a group of like minded individuals to enjoy tekkit with, playing alone I have a tendency to cheat, so when I am not alone I play the hard way and usually have more fun.

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User: Kergar

Country: Italy



I'm just tired with the single player. Passed a certain point sharing is the best, at least in games. As a side note, I like the attitude of the guy before me. If he's in the server I want to be there too. 

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User: Got_Donuts

Country: USA

Age: 27


Looking to find a nice laid back place to chill and build some machines. I am not the most experianced player by any means and am sure to have plenty of random questions. I have set up a few machine shops before in survival and other servers though. I am a college student so my play time may vary.

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Hey! I am looking for a fun, small server to play on. Singleplayer has just gotten boring... so a few more people to play with would be nice. I have been known to go into creative mode when I get super bored in my worlds. Since this server seems rather smallish, with trustable people, I am really interested. I am really quirky and fun, take that as a good or bad thing. But I love everyone's attitude about the server and joining it... so I thought I could be an addition! :D


User: Mercurus

SteamID: Mercurus1213

Age: 15

Country: USA

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I'm not sure If you're still accepting people onto your server, but I'd love to join! I have extensive knowledge with Logistics and ME systems and love building complex machines for simple tasks! Thanks for reading, hope you're OK with me! Oh, and I am from the U.S. but my times are flexible.

IGN, Skype, Steam: djl911djl911

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Thanks for all the people who applied :)


I'll accept most people that have already posted. Check your pm inbox's!!!


The server no longer is recruiting!


Best Regards

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hey can i join


IGN: thrillrider78


age: 15


country: australia,brisbane


skype: private message me if you want it?


reason i really hate joining big server that any1 can join as they always annoy me for making complex structures and not allowing them to live with me

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