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Autonomous Activator blocked in "Residence"


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Not sure if versions matter, Tekkit 1.2.9c, and Residence version


I was trying to automate enderlilies because Harvester and Planter to not work for that on endstone (not sure about that on dirt which takes longer to grow). I got the Terrain Smashers working for collecting enderpearls and lily seeds (manually activated with lever switch/redstone wire when I notice they are mature),  so at I can at least collect the pearls and seeds quickly without getting stung by the plants.


I was going to try using Autonomous Activator (AA) to plant the lilies (as a test), but Residence seems to block AA use within a set res. The AA set to right click just makes a noise like it is placing a block (when tested with sand or cobble), but no block is placed and nothing comes out of its inventory. It does not break blocks either when set to continuously left click, even sand repeatedly shows some cracks then reverts to untouched. The AA supposedly runs as user CoFH, but giving user CoFH "build" permission (/res pset CoFH build true) did not help (although, it shows up as "cofh" lower case in /res info). When attempting to use AA there is no error message, or no permission message like if you try to do something you do not have permission for in a res. AA does place blocks outside of a set res, so it is not that AA itself is not working.


It is strange that all other TE machines work in a res, including Terrain Smasher without doing anything special, but Autonomous Activator does not for any block. "/res lset info" does not show anything under Blacklist: or Ingnorelist:. Does anyone know how to enable Autonomous Activator within a res?

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