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Mechas not turning left or right & modern weapons not reloading

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Hi, me and a couple of friends have a custom modpack server using technic and we recently added flans modern weapons pack and flans titan pack. Now i know this isn't attack of the b-team, but i didn't know anywhere else to get help, other than a popular mod pack forum that has both mods in it. Anyways we added it and most thing worked fine but when we hop in a mech we can't turn left or right you can only move forward and backwards. We've tried many different scenarios to see if it was some bug with just one gamemode single player multiplayer etc... But still no result. Now I’ve seen this happen in other large modpacks and i didn't know what it was or how to fix it. So now for modern weapons they just don't load ammunition that's pretty much it i have no idea why. Some help would be appreciated


Thank you



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