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Need Help Hosting Server(PLEASE READ)


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Hi I was wondering how I would host a server for me and my friends to play with this launcher.Sorry if I am putting this in the wrong place but i didnt see anywhere else to put it. If someone could please help much would be appreciated thanks in advance!


PS: If i got minecraft realms could I just do it that way??I dont really mind paying the monthly fee thanks in advance!!

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As far as I understand, Minecraft Realms is being designed for just that. Convenience in setting up multiplayer games, and servers with some service.

For just two or three people playing together via internet, you could opt you just open your singleplayer world, forward port 25565 in your router, and tell your friend(s) your IP address. With a reasonably fast connection, this should work for one or two clients joining you. Note that you need lots of upstream (the thing that is often notoriuosly small on ADSL connections) because the server will send world information to the other clients that way.


P.S.: I am talking about a server, because even your singleplayer game runs a server internally, which you can open for other players to join. It used to be more difficult, but since Minecraft 1.6.4 (which Tekkit is on now), this has been simplified. Just open the ingame menu, there should be an option.

You can try it out that way, and then decide if you want to get a paid service.

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