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Tekkit server won't let me in


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I play on a dedicated server with a few friends through this program called Akliz that runs our server. I have admin access to anything I need to change if that is needed and the server is running on Version: 1.2.9e.  Anyway, when I launch and go to the multiplayer after being on the launcher it give me an error saying: "Forge Mod Loader could not connect to this server. The mods and versions listed below could not be found they are required to play on this server. LogisticsPipesMain : 0.7.4.dev.205"



This confuses the hell out of me as this patch was supposed to be the update fixing this or so I thought. Also, I do not have this error in single player mod. Please if someone can help me. Wat do? lol


In addition I will post part of the server log or I can post more if needed:


2014-05-21 14:41:32 [iNFO] [ForgeModLoader] User drako10000 connection failed: missing [LogisticsPipes|Main], bad versions

2014-05-21 14:41:32 [iNFO] [Minecraft-Server] Disconnecting drako10000 [/]: The server requires mods that are absent or out of date on your client

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As an update I found this also in the logs for the console:


2014-05-21 14:31:54 [iNFO] [fml.ModTracker] This world was saved with mod LogisticsPipes|Main version 0.7.4.dev.121 and it is now at version 0.7.4.dev.205, things may not work well

2014-05-21 14:31:54 [sEVERE] [fml.ItemTracker] FML has detected item discrepancies

2014-05-21 14:31:54 [sEVERE] [fml.ItemTracker] Missing items : {}

2014-05-21 14:31:54 [sEVERE] [fml.ItemTracker] Mismatched items : {9037=(Item 9037, Type logisticspipes.items.CraftingSignCreator, owned by LogisticsPipes|Main, ordinal 0, name null, claimedModId null, Item 9037, Type logisticspipes.items.ItemPipeSignCreator, owned by LogisticsPipes|Main, ordinal 0, name null, claimedModId null)}

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Are you sure that server and client have matching versions? You need to get the current dedicated server build for 1.2.9e, as it will not auto-update like the client/launcher does.

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Fairly positive, I mean as I said my server thinks it is supposed to be on 1.2.9e and Tekkit should auto matically also just update that far since it is most recent too right? well then it hsould have been done otherwise I wouldn't have been able to play single player or join my friends other match in Volts on the same server with a different mod loaded in.

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Tekkit is a different modpack from Voltz, and on singleplayer you cannot experience server/client version mismatch. You should check in the launcher if it is indeed set to run the recommended build - which it defaults to, but checking won't hurt. Click the gear icon under the modpack entry.


Otherwise, make sure that

  • you are really running the 1.2.9e server
  • you are not running corrupted files (re-download?)
  • you are running on a recent Java Environment

And if possible, try running the server without that Akliz program.

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