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Modify mmmpowersuits.cfg on server does nothing


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I am trying to nerf powersuits a bit on my small server of friends.  However, when I modify mmmpowersuits.cfg to either drain more energy on a hit, make the energy field weaker, or just outright disable the energy shield, or a myriad of other config changes, no change is seen on the client end.  The server has been restarted after any change.  Testing shows no difference.


Please tell me a client-side config change is not required.

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There is another config file. It's called powersuits.cfg located in the "machinemuse" folder where all the configs are. If you don't see an option for one of the modules (to disable), you'll have to add it yourself by copying the line from the other config. I have done this on my server and it works. Just make your changes and restart the server and you should be good to go.

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