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Updating Extra Utilities


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Technically (I have not tried it yet!!!) you start with exchanging the extra utilities jar-file on the server and on the client with the new one.

To be more precise I would personally do this:

  1. Make a backup of your server world!
  2. Stop the client
  3. Replace the jar-file on the client
  4. start the client, open a new world -> check the log files for any errors indicating issues with extra utilities
  5. Try all (or at least some) of the extra utilities stuff on the new world
  6. if OK, then stop the server
  7. See 1)
  8. replace jar-file on the server
  9. before starting check whether the conf-file from the server (old extra utilities) and the client (with new utilties) is still the same or changes need to be made on server side to match the client config
  10. See 1)
  11. start the server
  12. connect to server
  13. testing

If you are lucky it is done within a few minutes...if you are unlucky...it will not work even after a few hours of testing :)

Good luck

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