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  1. Dear modpack authors If you use solder for your modpacks, I kindly ask you to share your wisdom upon newcomers such as me. What is the "best" way to make modpacks with solders...what are the "things to do" and the "things definitely not to do"? What I have heard is, that delivering the config files to the client should not be done via the mods itself (each config goes with its mod), but with a separate download. Is that correct (I start to believe it is :))? Thanks a lot, every comment is appreciated.
  2. Hi there It is called solder (not soldier), if you refer to TechnicSolder. There are very few people (check google and youtube) that installed TechnicSolder on Windows. I personally think that would be extra effort. I have no windows experience, but installing WAMP or WNMP stack (Windows, Apache or NGNIX, MySQL and PHP) might be a good start. I personally would not use the MySQL part but the inbuilt database of TechnicSolder...would make it a little easier I'd guess. Additionally...you really want a windows server being online and exposed to the internet 24/7? Good luck anyway....sorry I canno
  3. ​As long as the donor does not gain any advantage, something symbolic (titel, decorative stuff or just listed on a website) should be fine, I think. I personally would not mind to have this happen. However, I have yet to see a server which gives away items/blocks which are purely decorative (I'd guess you would need a specific mod for that which adds a decorative block or something)
  4. ​I'd say it very much depends on what you "give in return". If it is a cape or a titel saying "donor" or "helper of the server", I personally would say that is not too bad and actually might encourage. But that can be considered "giving something in return" as well. However, as soon as items are exchanged or a donor has advantages over other players, I am right with you.
  5. Well, I will try my best to (anecdotally) add my experience and knowledge (working in IT for more than a decade now as system engineer, for what its worth). I have my own custom modpack and a server where friends are playing (around 8 at times), so I have no experience in >10 people servers. I also have only linux server experience, never used a windows server (on the internet) in my life (and never will!). Processor: Minecraft is based on Java and I have yet to see a multithreaded modpack. I am not a programmer, but so far I have only seen one single thread taking care of a minecraft/modpa
  6. Sorry, half offtopic.... You have mcmyadmin running with a custom modpack? How did you manage to do so? have you by any chance some sort of information or link to that?
  7. Have you tried and checked the BIOS about the graphics options? Most modern laptops offer some sort of hybrid, where the operation system chooses which graphics card is choosen. If you chose nvidia only it will use more battery, but maybe it helps solve your issue (or at least gives you a hint). Additionally I am sure you checked that you have the newest driver (for all components, especially nvidia). Do you run Windows? If so, what version and did you install all updates? Sorry, have no other idea
  8. Hi all I have two questions concerning TechnicLauncher, TechnicSolder and TechnicHomepage (my modpacks). 1) Is it necessary to change anything in "my modpacks" on the webpage for a modpack that I imported from Solder? Is there anything I NEED to do? Such as checking the correct minecraft version (I have a modpack that is 1.7.10 but on "my modpacks" it still says 1.4.7 in the settings). Do I need to update the version number on the homepage or is it sufficient within my Solder installation? Or can I just leave all this and add the occassional information about my pack there? 2) Whenever my frie
  9. Hi Plowmanplow Thanks a lot. I started to tar the whole directory...so I guess that works, too ,)
  10. Hi all I have solder up and running and it is looking good....testing worked so far. Now the problem is: Are there any documentations on how to backup the solder data...I am not talking installation files and mod-zips (which can be backed up separately), but the whole information in solder about the modpacks and mods... Are there some specific files I can back up and restore after a fresh install? Thanks for your help.
  11. Just word of advice: If you are indeed using Tekkit modpack (which is still based on minecraft 1.6.4, unless it got updated recently) then you need a EnderIO version which matches this minecraft version. The newest version is running on minecraft 1.7.10 only.
  12. What server? What program? What OS? what error message? Where is the pastbin to the logs? What modpack are you talking about? As of MCPC+ and Cauldron...it is gone...it was taken down. Forge itself is still very much alive. Forge Essentials is a mod for forge that offers some of the things you want. Otherwise here are some ideas: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
  13. What you are asking for is - in my humble opinion - not possible. What is playable to you? At which point would you consider the performance to be "not playable" and therefore not usable? I know that you cannot provide any metrics (neither can I), but I hope you understand that I am trying to say that this can cause issues - If you pay for a server and then you say it is not playable and not usable while your hoster says you get what you pay for...no one is happy - if you get someone to help you and get you a server for free and you think it is not usable, but the hoster says it
  14. As for 1) "Have you tried turn it off and on again?" -> meaning...if there is nothing other borked, then you a restart of the multicraft service should do the trick (at least that is what usually helps with linux processes...either restart or reload). reasons is -> you have deleted the file while a valid file pointer was active and the programm might still think it is valid....you need to make sure the programm "refreshes" those information. But I do not know multicraft, therefore this is just a general idea.
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