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  1. Thanks for all the help. I rather run on hybrid, since I use my PC for school and of course at home too. I'm running all the latest drivers! I just double checked. And I've completely uninstalled my nvidia graphic driver with a tool provided by nvidia's online support and re installed the latest driver from their website. now I don't know what else I can try except for contacting lenovo - it's really weird! But thanks again guys, appreciate it!
  2. Just ran CHKDSK to check for fails:
  3. This can't be true! My laptop isn't even 3 weeks old! - I'm sure i'm running all the latest drivers, since I checked a week ago. I don't think I will run the drive check, since I don't find any problems with my drive. I believe the problem is that the Technic Launcher run's on my integrated graphic card instead of the nvidia one, even though I have set all Java and minecraft related .exe's to run on my nvidia, I don't really know how I can set technic to run on the nvidia since I believe I have tried everything!
  4. what does that do?
  5. I had alot of trouble! First I couldn't understand why minecraft was running on the integrated card so I went into Nvidia management and changed the settings for all java related .exes I could find, when hitting "apply" i was hit in the face with a "access denied" pop up - so I tried to change some other programs, didn't work either. Well I wanted to restart the pc and try again, when restarting a BSOD came up and said something with "NTFS" and before I could read it all, it restarted. So after that I could still not change any option regarding a program in the nvidia control panel, then I took contact to nvidia online support, and completely uninstalled my nvidia driver and re downloaded it again, and now I can change which GPU a program uses. - what a nightmare! I'm still afraid something is terrible wrong with my PC but it acts natural. When I right click and choose to run the program with my nvidia card it says that I can't do that and I have to go into the control panel and change it manually, which is fine, so I did that, and it still runs on the integrated!!! I'm getting a bit frustrated now!
  6. ​I installed it and played immediately after! I see i'm not running on my GeForce 860m but on the integrated one, which isn't good. I assume that if I launch any other pack it would be the same as this one? And that's properly why it's running at such a low FPS - how can I change this, since I've set minecraft.exe, javaw.exe, techniclauncher.exe to run on the geforce card in the nvidia control options, and I just double checked since I updated my driver recently and I added all the .exe's I could find that had anything to do with minecraft, still shows the intel 4600.
  7. Well, i'm sure I have set the minecraft.exe, jawaw.exe, techniclauncher.exe to the nvidia card in the nvidia options! - When i'm running regular minecraft trough the original launcher I can hit F3 and see it's using the nvidia card, I can't do that in the modpacks I've played. I have tried Test Pack Please Ignore, The 1.7.10 Pack - and they both share same result FPS wise. - When I put on a resource pack like Soartex Fanver the FPS drops to under 10. I have really no clue what I'm doing wrong or why my PC can't handle it :-(
  8. ​I've tried both 2 GB and 4 GB through the launcher, no difference! I've also tried to change the priority to real time (highest) in the task manager for java - I run Win 8.1 I'm running the latest java, i've installed both 32 and 64 because I use java in the chrome browser as well.
  9. So I just got my new laptop a Lenovo Y50 with following specs: Intel i7 4910HQ (2.5 - 3.5GHz) Nvidia GeForce 860m 2 GB 8 GB RAM 256 GB SSD now when I try to run any modpack for that matter, my framerate drops to unplayable 20 FPS, sometimes it jumps up to 40, but that's it. Since I have a laptop with 2 graphic cards (Geforce and Intel) I have set the techniclauncher.exe and jawaw.exe to run with the Geforce in the Nvidia control panel, but it doesn't help. Can this really be true? That I can't run these modpacks? I got friends with lower specs than I do, and they run them just fine! I'm sorry if I posted this thread the wrong place, I'm new to this forum, and I - to be quite honest - couldn't figure it out :-D Cheers - Simon
  10. Hi I have a lag problem when launching any modpack through the technic launcher. My framerate drops like crazy, and i'm unable to play. - i've trying to mess with the settings ingame, like render distance, openGL and stuff, also dedicating 3GB of ram to through the technic launcher and setting the java.exe to the highest priority - nothing helps. It's weird, bacause when I play through the regular minecraft launcher, with forge and 80+ mods, I get no lag, what so ever. - even with texturepacks. So what do I do here? It's bugging me out, because I really want to play some of these cool modpacks. Thank you for reading this far - I'm sorry for my english, but it's not my first language.
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