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Started a Dedicated server for my Mod-Pack New Dark Ages. Server Ip:


Currently isn't white listed but has plugins and mods to prevent grieving. Also currently has 20 slots I can add more if needed.


Link to Mod-pack is right here ----> http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/new-dark-ages.366135 .


Server Info: Running on a separate computer right now. 8gb of ram are put into the server and has 2.3ghz processing speed.

Towny Plugin for Land Protection.

Joinable Town at start to help you get started.


Rules: Please don't destroy others property, or steal what they earned; depending on severity depends on punishment.

If someone upsets you on the server don't flip out on them just let me or an OP know.

Don't ask for extra in-game privileges such as OP or Creative

Pvp is on but both parties must agree to fight to start war.

Any other questions let me know.


 If you could give feedback about the server and Mod-Pack, it would be nice.

Looking for TWO Staff Members to help with building and managing the server. MUST BE 18+ to Apply for Position.

Looking for TWO BUILDERS. Must be a decent builder and be 16+. Please let me know if interested.

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If you logon onto the server don't even bother if your just going to login and try /give [Yourname] [item id] [amount] because that doesn't work. I'm not stupid and do not tolerate creative privileges unless you're a builder for the server.

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