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  1. Well this is usless, there's a modpack but no server, and if there is it's not up, meaning it's not 24/7.
  2. "Do you like see yourself playing this server?" Disgusting.
  3. Minecraft name:RetroxGamer Age: 18 Something about me: I love team-work and having specific jobs. "squids like cake" Why this server: All the others I played on have either been changed or closed, and my friends is down. Agree with rules?: Yes I agree, but I also expect everyone else to follow them including admins.
  4. You spelled Custom wrong....bad way to advertise.
  5. ~Super Tech Survival~ Server Rules: Work together or stay away from each other. If you want to fight with each other both people must confirm to pvp. Please don't spam chat. Don't Grief the land. Server Info: No plugins 109 mods (includes client side mods) Two new Dimensions: Eternal Frost, TwilightForest. Tech stuff such as Ic2, Minefactory, Projectred. Daily Players: RetroxGamer
  6. If you logon onto the server don't even bother if your just going to login and try /give [Yourname] [item id] [amount] because that doesn't work. I'm not stupid and do not tolerate creative privileges unless you're a builder for the server.
  7. NEW DARK AGES Started a Dedicated server for my Mod-Pack New Dark Ages. Server Ip: Currently isn't white listed but has plugins and mods to prevent grieving. Also currently has 20 slots I can add more if needed. Link to Mod-pack is right here ----> http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/new-dark-ages.366135 . Server Info: Running on a separate computer right now. 8gb of ram are put into the server and has 2.3ghz processing speed. Towny Plugin for Land Protection. Joinable Town at start to help you get started. Rules: Please don't destroy others proper
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