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  1. You general rules page has a typo. I don't know if you care, but it goes like this. " Using it to ask for help or favors will is naughty naughty!"


    It's on the Board Rules and Guidelines

  2. IGN: Dux_Aquila Age: 18 in about 18 days. (Would you look at that.) Random Fact About You?: I have a knack for wiring circuits. Both IRL and In-game. (I'm also partnered with a server host company and can pull the hookup for 30% off on a server.) Why You Want To Join: There are far to many places to start, so I'll leave you with this... You had me sold at Magic. What Other Games Do You Enjoy?: League of Legends, Garry's Mod, I Am Bread. (I'm a live-streamer so the list will get very long if I continue.) What Experience in Minecraft Mods Do You Have?: I am the former Global Admin for Bluestone Servers, you might have heard of them, and it was my job to figure out how every mod worked and how they worked together. I'm also very skilled with configuration files and things like that. (If you do happen to have a question don't be afraid to ask.) My question would be how you managed to get people to want to join your server. I had attempted to start a server on my own, and I'm thinking my lowest point of attraction was the name, as I would only have people join through my Live-Stream, and would like some ideas.
  3. I love the formatting of this post, and I also like the spawn pics. Whom are you going through to host your server?
  4. Just some helpful advice. Use pictures and formatting to increase the "pizzazz" of your server. From what I'm seeing right now, I wouldn't join, because your post doesn't make your server very attractive. I'll be on your server shortly to check it out, and to let you know that I have left helpful recommendations on your comments page. **edit** You should also add the version of your server to this page.
  5. I'm not currently having the same issue. Could you please tell me a little more about the problem?
  6. Server doesn't exist anymore, and this post will stay this way until I figure out how to delete it.
  7. We are currently PreGenerating the Map. As soon as that is done the server will be good to go. I currently have it off so that players don't join and lose their progress when I upload the generated map.
  8. Transfered to this server post '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> Wasn't sure how to delete this one.
  9. I know the feels man. We are currently having an issue with the mods right now but it should be up soon!
  10. If you walk up the stairs to the purple area there are warp signs that will take you to wherever you need to go. We also included a random spawn sign to get you away from spawn so you can start building. I am currently as school right now or else I would be online.
  11. We have moved to ABTeam.Bluestoneservers.com The website is up, and running fantastically, and The new thread is located here! '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
  12. Server IP: ABTeam.bluestoneservers.com Rules: Before I really go into rules I would like to point out one thing. Staff members are there to help you! Please listen to them at all times to make it easier for them to do their job. Do NOT use items/blocks to bypass protections. Do NOT Spam the chat. (AVOID Excessive Caps at all costs!) NO Advertising Do NOT use Sexual Profanities in the chat they can, and will, result in a permanent ban! We have children, and adults, that play on this server that absolutely DO NOT want to see that stuff in the chat. HACKS are NOT allowed! This includes Fly and Xray. If you get caught you will be permanently banned! NO EXCEPTIONS! Do NOT Taglock at spawn! If you are caught your inventory will be cleared regardless of what you had in it! Above All, PvP and Grief are NOT allowed in the PvE world! With every offence your punishment will become, incredibly more, SEVERE! Restricted Items: Master Staff (10457) - Bypasses Protections Magnetic Force (6608) - Lets Players Force-TP Mystic Branch (7794) - Bypasses Protections Hammer (Statues) (7583) - Bypasses Protections Drawbridge (2304, 2304:2, 2304:3) - Much Fun, Such Crashes Dubstep Guns (13167, 13168, 13169) - Spams Console Tornado Gun (7761) - Bypasses Protections Cloud in a Bottle (7559) - Bypasses Protections Brew of Erosion (7789:62) - Bypasses Protections, and Griefs Brew of Flowing (7789:96) - Bypasses Protections... Water = Grief Block Mover (6601) - Bypasses Protections Creative Items (1954, 1970, 1971, 7093:4, 7514:4) - Infinite stuff is not okay. Specific to PvP World --> Strongboxes - Cannot be raided. Removed Mods: We currently have not removed any mods. Plugins: Prism (Block Logger / Rollback Tool.) GriefPrevention (Protect your blocks with a gold shovel!) World Border Chest Shop (Player Shop Plugin.) ClearLag (Helps Maintain A Constant Twenty T.P.S.) Essentials (Essential Commands.) Factions (Allows Players to Claim Protected Land) <-- Side Note: Modded Blocks are Not Protected so you have to put them in a room where they cannot be accessed! CreeperHeal (Regens Explosive Damage caused by Wither, Creeper, and TNT.) Vault Votifier (Allows you to receive and In-Game reward for voting) <-- Do not have to be logged in. NoItem (Allows us to Disable certain Items from being crafted or held.) Random Spawn (Allows you to teleport somewhere within the boundaries of the world.) Description: We are currently a smaller Minecraft™ server that is looking to have more people log in and enjoy the server with us. We currently have a PvP, and PvE world so you can choose to fight other people or work with them. Our goal as a staff team is to invite anyone, and everyone, that owns Minecraft™, to our server so that we can do our best to bring joy and entertainment to all of those who choose to play. We do our best to take care of problems and almost always have a staff member online that can help you with your problems. We would love to see you join and have fun! If you would like to contact us please visit our website at http://www.bluestoneservers.com. We would be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have, and if you would like to see some neat pictures of our spawn and other things like that please follow this link. http://imgur.com/a/ePst2 Join us on Teamspeak at: ts.bluestoneservers.com
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