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Endertank issue, receiving endless supply from unknown source.


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I just started using Endertanks for a remote auto-spawner setup to feed biofuel for power and mob essence using a little ME network including fluids (instead of item and fluid ducts) to collect drops and mob essence from the grinders. I was not sure if I could feed the mob essence back into the supply from the endertank, so I used a separate set of endertanks to return grinder mob essence to my base. I did not realize that endertanks (and enderchests) were public unless hit with a diamond. So I suddenly noticed that I received 5 kilobuckets of mob essence at my base (64K fluid cell, but I stashed it in barrels). I made the dials diamond and changed color codes several times and thought that fixed it, but eventually I received another 4 kilobuckets of mob essence from the endertank. So I guess I can turn off my breeders, because 9 kilobuckets of mob essence should last me awhile. I'll set up a public auto enchanter and auto anvil at the safehouse near spawn.


It is a lightly used server on a cable internet connection. So I am just wondering if someone has a huge farm that I accidentally tapped into regardless of changing color codes on the endertanks with diamond dials, or if there is some glitch with endertanks where if they try to send a small amount when the source chunk unloads, the fluid comes endlessly. Note that the ME network collects the mob essence from the grinders and only has a fluid export bus connected to the return endertank (4K fluid cell in ME network always appears to be empty). There is a timed push button (state cell and inverter) to generate mobs and another timed push button to grind them if you do not want to fight them, and no dimensional anchor or other chunk loader at the auto-spawner, so there should be no liquid returned when nobody is there.


Is endless receiving from an endertank a bug or a feature?

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