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Problem with getting Enhanced Portals 2 to work

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I've completely followed all the instructions for Enhanced Portals 2.  I've managed to get two locations to link up right.  But every location I've tried to link up beyond this will NOT connect to the network even though I'm following the directions exactly.  Is Enhanced Portals 2 buggy?  I have no idea what I'm doing wrong.  As far as I see, I'm setting up the dialers properly.  Everything has the right address.  I've followed several video tutorials exactly.  But when I dial on these other connections, I either get a one way connection or get no connection despite them all having been set up exactly the same way.  I have no clue why.   Any guesses?


I narrowed things down to three portals.  I've gotten one working both ways.  One works only one way.  And one doesn't connect at all to ANY of the portals and they were all set up exactly the same way.  I have no idea how I'm screwing this up.



I don't know how it happened, but after I redid the whole network, I got it working.  *shrug*

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