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CTM Attack Of B-team Custom Map (BETA)


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Hey Everyone! I've been making a CTM Map for the attack of the B-Team modpack and was hoping I could get some extra challenges from people who watched all of the  Actual Attack of The B-Team server (the one with Generik, Bdubs, Paul, Chimney, ect). Something that they have achieved or really difficult to do in general! I hope to hear from you guys soon and If Possible I will upload a couple thumbnails of the map itself!

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Would definitely be interested in playing it and thought about making a CTM for AotB myself. Some of the challenges I was thinking tho would be similar to the FTB pyramid map (forget name) where you had to construct certain things in order to unlock other stuff (back when Equivalent Exchange was still a thing, im sure those who came from FTB know of the map i'm trying to remember) - however that map doesnt feel like a proper CTM map with fleecy boxes and what have ya, but the challenges involved should perhaps grant access to an area that contains the wool.


So, some possible challenge ideas (logistics of course are up to you on how a player achieves it, the order they do it in, etc):

  1. Construct an enhanced portal
  2. Construct a resonant strongbox
  3. Construct a resonant energy cell
  4. Gather one type of every stained sapling
  5. Gather each farmable item's seed (cotton, barley, wheat, etc)
  6. Gather one of each sapling type
  7. Produce 64 Invar ingots
  8. Produce 64 Electrum ingots
  9. Produce 64 Enderium ingots
  10. Gather one type of every gene
  11. Complete each gene (could be done instead of above)
  12. Construct a Statue of the Goddess
  13. Construct one of each block from Project Red Integration

These challenges are obviously very cut-and-dry obvious on how to do it, however, how they would integrate into a CTM map could be done a million different ways. If you want some additional information about any of these challenges I suggested, let me know. I'll try expanding on them in some potential example methods to achieve it.

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Yeah I remember exactly what map you are talking about! I think it might have been the pax east challenge? But anyways, I have the map built, it's themed around an old HASA facility that you are taking into your own hands. It has a portal type feel to it because it looks all over grown and run down! Hopefully if I can get the challenge turn in/reward completed, there might be an early version of the map I'll release to see if there are any problems or if it is to easy. And I all ready have 28 challenges made, but the monument (rocket) is a total of 48 blocks so some of the challenges you mentioned might be integrated with in the map :3

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