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Pixelspark modpack : http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/captainsparklez-survival-pack.15977





1. Use common sese.

2. Griefing is not allowed.

3. Stealing is not allowed either.

4. Absolutely no rasism, Anti-Semitism, Anything in that catogory.

5. No rule bending : you should be aware of how a rule is and what the limits are.


I want to start a nice pixelmon server whitout too much interference of the server.

I want to give players a chance to start their own GYM.

Also, i would love to see players set up shops with a perfectionized currency system (server may help in this)

I am building GYM's aswell where trainers with the right pokemon can become a GYM leader.

Currently there is not much to the world, only a pokecenter, a bridge and a GYM (forest gym).


The server will be online 24/7 no expections.


I have my friend playing on the server right now : I do not know him in RL and the only reason he has permission to gamemode and such is because he has earned my trust.

Players like him are very welcome and may earn my trust at any given time.





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