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Having trouble with my B Team server.


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After setting a server up (with hamachi), I tried to join it. When I tried, after the "logging in" part, it said, " Forge Mod Loader has found ID Mismatches", and gave a list of these IDs-


102, 101, 3, 98, 4, 42, 79, 41, 133, 47, 152, 49, 87, 48, 20, 22, 112, 335, 24, 58, and 57.


At the bottom, it says I can't connect to this server.


So, how can I fix this so I can join?

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Those are vanilla minecraft IDs, it's likely you've got a vanilla version of the server running somehow and are trying to connect with a B-Team modded client (those IDs are overridden by chisel, TE or galacticraft), though it could be just a mismatch in the version (wrong B-Team server version).

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