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Range of ender-thermic pump.


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Running in creative now. Will edit.


Edit 1:


It looks like its pumping chunks rather than blocks.


It did the chunk where it was placed and four neighbour chunks (plus shaped).


Edit 2:


It expanded the plus shape further. Now its 5x5 chunks with the pump in the middle.


Edit 3:


It's going for the missing chunks and reworking the plus shape for a square 5x5 chunks.


Edit 4:


This is going to take a looooong time. It's going 11x11 now and still pumping.

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Can't name the exact number, but it will eventually pump out a diamond-shaped area with quite many chunks. It will reach a limit eventually, but this will take (real-time) hours at full speed.


P.S.: Downwards, it will usually pump the full depth of a lava lake out. It will occasionally miss a few lava blocks for some reason, but really only a few.

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Nether lava is plentiful, but not endless. To power Laser Drills, either nuclear power or a self-sustaining Biofuel/Charcoal farm-factory is recommended. With lava, you will get to the point where you have to travel around a turned-to-stone Nether (!) to find unused lava lakes to pump out. I have reached that point, and I didn't even bother using Magmatics. It all went into my alchemy chain.

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