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Grinder stops killing mobs


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I have a mob farm set up with the auto-spawner and the grinder.  It was working fine, but all of a sudden, then grinder stopped killing mobs.  It had power, it has a way to remove the items and the mobs essence.  I've removed and replaced all the ducts from it, and it will not work again.  I've even gone so far as to build a brand new grinder, and that worked at first, but now has stopped.  Do I need to hook it up to a sludge boiler as well?  There's nothing on the Wiki about it creating sludge.


Sorry if this isn't the correct place to put this, but I searched the forums for the problem and couldn't find it, and this is the mod pack I'm playing.

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If there is no output for the grinder, it will lock up. The sludge can be filled but will not make a difference in speed, same goes for mob essence. Also, keep in mind any redstone signal (high, or on) will stop the tick counter from going down.

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