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| 1.0.10 | Five Guys Gaming | PvP | No Whitelist | Factions | No DD |


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We have a great player base administered by our team of competent Sever Admins. We pride ourselves on growing with input from our members and look forward to seeing you in our world.

Visit us at Five Guys Gaming. We are looking for mature players to join our community.

There is no whitelist on this server.

Circle%2024x24.png Sever Info
  • IP- hexxit.fiveguysgaming.com
  • No Whitelist
  • USA- West Coast
  • Survival PVP. Griefing is allowed
  • Runs 24/7
Circle%2024x24.png Teamspeak Server
  • IP- ts3.fiveguysgaming.com
Circle%2024x24.png Rules
  • No Spawn Camping
  • Do not hack/use x-rays
  • No harrasing, derogatory remarks, name calling... Be mature
  • Be respectful to other players and FGG Staff
  • Do not advertise here
  • Keep it friendly, we all want to have a good time
Circle%2024x24.png Disabled Items
  • Ender bow
Circle%2024x24.png Plugins
  • Essentials
  • Factions
  • Item Restrict
  • Lockette
  • World Guard
  • World Edit
  • Core Protect


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