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Help With Configs?


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Hey everyone! I have a server that I have configured for Tekkit (obviously lol). Up until recently, it was just two people on the server because I ultimately got it because we were both tired of the whiney kids on the server that we were admins on. Now, though, we are going to open it up to a few more people. It will stick with friends, but then a few people we will have on that are online friends (but a little sketchy). I am looking for someone that has a little bit of time later today or even Friday (US EST Time zone) that would be willing to help out with some of the configuration files. It won't be anything intensive, just a permissions plugin and just a few other of the well known plugins. I know a lot of the basic stuff already. It gets confusing and I definitely do not want to screw anything up.

Send me a message if you are interested and have the time to help. Thanks!

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