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[1.6.4] Trouble with plugins (Mac)


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I have the MCPC+ file for 1.6.4 on my Mac and I can't get it to work. After I renamed the file to "Tekkit.jar" and opened it, all it does is load files but not the server. I tried using a command file but it won't open the jar file.


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ID mismatches are only caused if the config files on the client and server are mismatched. MCPC+ has no effect on them. Tekkit.jar that comes with your server files is basically just a renamed forge.jar. If you download MCPC+ and rename it to Tekkit.jar after deleting the old one it should work just fine. Forge loads mods. MCPC+ loads mods and plugins.


Not sure which version of mcpc+ you have but I recommend going here http://ci.md-5.net/job/Cauldron-164/ and grabbing build 269 as it is the recommended one.

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