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Owner of LAN server can see all items

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Hey. I'm playing B-Team with my brother, and he's hosting LAN. The issue is that whenever I pick up an item, the item I pick up shows up in the bottom right of his screen. I don't like this, and he doesn't either. We don't want to know everything the other person is doing (So that shenanigans are possible.)


So, which mod is this, and how do we disable this? Thanks.

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It's a bug in "open to LAN" mode, there's more than just that one and if you intend on doing anything separate you really should run a normal LAN server (using the standalone server files) and copy his singleplayer world into it.


Think of players in that mode as being 'helpers' for the real/main player, not as separate players, that's how Minecraft sees them.  Unless Mojang makes some changes on their end (and they might one day) that's the way they'll be treated and many mods will have issues with that.



I'm not sure which mod would add that, as a couple of guesses try WAILA (press 0 on the numeric keypad to see the options), and if it's not there then look for a setting in the forge config files.

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