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[PvP Raid Grief] Trivia Craft [NOLAG Factions Economy]


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Trivia Craft is a well developed and professionally ran server. We welcome all types of people, and can answer any question you may have. Some of the details:


IP: triviacraft.co.uk:26065


Some plugins: Factions, CombatLog, MobArena, DisguiseCraft and others, anymore needed can be added with ease. 


Staff: lammie108, chelseadevil, Byrofooty. We are also currently recruiting Mod's and other types of Staff. You can apply on our website, which can be located in-game. 


Rules and more information can be found on the server or website, or through skype. 


If you need any more information don't be afraid to contact us through this post or server.


Hope to see you soon!



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