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Computercraft treasure disks


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You need to put a floppy drive block next you what computer you are using, then put the floppy you want to run into the drive, then in the computer do:


cd rom
(program name on floppy)
As to protector on blue and brown floppys, I do not think that they are the same. Edited by PBlock96
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What he/she said, except that it's "cd disk" instead of "cd rom".


As to protector on blue and brown floppy disks, yes they are, in fact, the same. Treasure floppy colors are random and have nothing to do with their contents. You can recolor them using the vanilla minecraft dyes if you want. edit: recoloring apparently doesn't work with treasure floppies, only those you crafted yourself. Still, programs are the same regardless of color.

Edited by redsector
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