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  1. In short: - Open /mods/[1.6.4] (make a backup first, just to be on the safe side) - extract the \reifnsk\minimap\ReiMinimap.class file - open it with whatever text editor you fancy (just don't use Windows Notepad, it messes up the formatting - use Wordpad instead, or a better editor like Notepad++) - find the string "\.DIM(-?[0-9])\.points" (without quotation marks) - replace it with "\.DIM((-?\d+))\.points" (again, without quotation marks) - save the file and put it back into the archive, overwriting the old one I did the same thing back when I was still playing Tekkit and couldn't get my waypoints to save in Mystcraft dimensions with ID > 9. The fix worked perfectly.
  2. The tooltip on the top is from the WAILA mod. Default key to toggle it should be Numpad 0 unless the pack author changed it. As for the one on the left, no idea. It's definitely not from Tekkit.
  3. Looks like a regular, successful server start to me. It's not supposed to do anything after unloading all the dimensions. It just sits there and waits for players to connect, nothing wrong in that regard. Might want to double-check your firewall settings and that the server IP in the list is still correct.
  4. This line says that your Java is running out of memory. Allocate more RAM via the launcher options, but don't overdo it (when dealing with Java, too much allocated RAM can turn out just as bad as too little RAM). 2-3 GB should be plenty for Tekkit (unless you're using some 128x texture pack, in which case I'd go 4 GB or something). If it crashes again afterwards, post a new crash report. Might be a different cause once the RAM issue is fixed.
  5. Well, you don't exactly NEED to generate a new world. It's just that you won't find any of the mod's world-generated blocks in already existing chunks (unless the mod has a retrogen feature). I don't know what Mekanism brings to the table in terms of worldgen, but IIRC, Chisel only adds a few rocks/minerals (marble is the first thing that comes to mind) that you can probably live without. Also, you can always explore your existing world further and therefore generate new chunks, which will have all the new worldgen features, in case there's something you absolutely need (new ores etc.).
  6. I just assumed the OP was bright enough to be aware of that... But yeah, it's true, of course.
  7. Since adding Forestry technically turns your Tekkit into a custom modpack, you probably should have posted this in the Platform Pagoda section. I'll help you out anyway since there's really not much to it, but posting in the wrong section is heavily frowned upon around here, so keep that in mind. Anyway, you just have to change some of Forestry's block ID numbers since they're already used by other mods (Extra Cells and Extra Utilities, in this case). The IDConflicts file makes this easy for you by suggesting unused IDs at the end ("Suggested Ranges"). So, open the Forestry config file (config/forestry/base.conf) which contains the ID infos and find those blocks listed in the error log, then change their number to something else within the suggested free ID ranges. For example, change "I:mail=4086" to "I:mail=2530", "I:factory2=4087" to "I:factory=2531", "I:engine=4088" to "I:engine=2532" and so on until there are no more conflicts. Simple as that. If you're running a server, keep in mind that you'll have change the config file for both the client and the server.
  8. The default key for switching this on and off is 1 on the num pad, I think. You can check (and change) it in the keybindings (Menu -> Options -> Controls), it's called "[Waila] Show/Hide".
  9. Try playing around with different inventory positions for the cell and sword. I have no idea how the powersuit chooses which item to drain energy from, but perhaps it simply scans your inventory and uses whatever comes first. At least that's how the autofeeder module works (uses "first" food item it comes across, scanning from top left to bottom right), maybe the same algorithm is used to look for RF items, who knows. Otherwise, the obvious solution would be to use proper MPS battery modules instead of the energy cell bug. The suit will only drain your RF tools when its internal batteries are empty or not there at all.
  10. For multiblock liquid storage, try Dynamic Tanks 2, a very lightweight (and supposedly lag-free) tank mod. I added it to Tekkit myself because I was sick of tanks only stacking vertically, and it works perfectly. I was going to suggest it to the modpack authors as well when the time is right. As for Biomes O'Plenty, it works fine with Mystcraft, the only problem is that you're going to find dozens, if not hundreds, of biome pages for every other feature page, simply because there will be so many of them. That said, I added BoP to my Tekkit, too (together with Alternate Terrain Generator), and I wouldn't want to play vanilla worlds anymore. The sheer beauty and variety (and sort-of realism, if you configure it accordingly - no jungles intersected by ice plains or something like that anymore) of BoP+ATG worlds compared to vanilla worlds is mind-blowing. It is quite resource-heavy, though, that's correct. My computer can easily handle it so I don't care, but it might indeed be unsuitable for a balanced pack. For a little more variety in world generation, though, there are smaller biome-enhancing mods like Highlands, which might be worth a try.
  11. I was thinking of that too at first, but it seems MFFS can only either disintegrate field contents (think quarry, only you don't get to keep the harvested blocks) or fill the field with blocks (something like the Buildcraft Filler), not pick up specific structures and redeploy them somewhere else. At least that's what I was able to extract from the documentation on the MFFS website, whose informational value is somewhat... limited ... just like the AE one.
  12. I think Applied Energistics comes with some kind of spatial storage that can supposedly be used to capture and re-deploy structures and might work with spawners. However, Tekkit does not contain the latest release of AE, so it's possible that spatial storage isn't fully supported yet. I guess it's worth a try, though I have never used it either, so I can't give you tips on how it works. Here's what little info the mod website has to offer on it. There might even be tutorials on the matter, maybe not specifically for Tekkit, but AE is part of so many big modpacks that a few tips and guides are probably floating around somewhere (most likely on Youtube in some kind of mod spotlight or whatever, which I tend to avoid like the plague, so please google/look for yourself). Ultimately, it's probably easier to use an MFR autospawner for your mob farming needs, unless you want the spawner for aesthetic purposes or something.
  13. Another tip concerning the assembly table: Like all Buildcraft machines, the laser(s) will keep sucking power out of your network even when idle, and they cannot be switched off via levers. So you might want to consider putting an energy cell (any will do, but I would use at least a Hardened Energy Cell - the 80 RF/tick limit of the Leadstone Cell would make the laser even slower than it already is) between the laser and your main energy network, attach a lever to it and set its redstone control accordingly, so you can cut off power to the assembly table when it's not in use. You'll be wasting a lot of energy otherwise (of course, if you have something like a Big Reactor already running and producing excess energy, you probably won't care). (FYI, switching off power can also be automated via Buildcraft pipes, logic gates and the "machine has work to do" condition, but that's probably too complicated to get into right now, so just go with the manual switch off method.)
  14. Assembly tables cannot be powered directly. You need to build a laser and place it somewhere facing the assembly table, like this, for example: You can place it above the table or sideways, however it fits best. Then connect power to the laser, put a piece of redstone on the table and the laser will start crafting your chipset. Make sure to put a chest next to the assembly table, otherwise the crafted items will simply pop out into the world. Apparently, the thing does not have an internal inventory for finished products. You can use multiple lasers per table to speed up the crafting process. Edit: AetherPirate beat me to it
  15. Here you go. Sorry that I didn't take the time to format it properly, but it's not exactly rocket science anyway. - set up your destination tesseract, diamond chest and garbage disposal (I used a Thermal Expansion Nullifier, recipe can be looked up in NEI. Trash Can from Extra Utilities also works.) like this: - craft two Pneumatic Servos (2 iron ingots, 2 glass, 1 redstone in a cross pattern, look up the recipe in NEI) - hold the servos in your hand and right-click them onto the connections leading into the chest and nullifier (the blue triangle thingies on the itemducts). You should get a system message that "The pneumatic servo has been installed" or something like that. You now have access to the advanced control options for that connection. - craft a Crescent Hammer, if you haven't already. This tool is used a LOT with Thermal Expansion stuff, so you'll need one anyway sooner or later. - give the piece of itemduct in front of the connection to the nullifier a right-click whack with the hammer. It should turn red and read "dense", which means low priority connection. (Note that hitting the connection itself switches it between output (red) and input (blue) so make sure to hit the duct.) - right click the nullifier to bring up its configuration GUI, switch to the green tab and set whatever side you put the itemduct on as input by clicking on the respective icon. In this case, it's the left side, and the input is represented by the blue rectangle (available sides are top, left, right, bottom - and back, which is the one in the lower right. Front cannot be connected.). - right-click the connection to the diamond chest with an empty hand to bring up the configuration GUI for the connection. Put everything you consider trash (for example, cobblestone and dirt) into the 3x3 grid and set the rest of the GUI like in the following picture. Redstone control disabled means that the connection is always active, independent of any redstone signals provided. Note the black warning sign to the right of the grid, meaning that this connection blacklists whatever you put into the grid, i. e. it won't accept those items - or, in other words, it will accept everything except those items. (You can click the warning sign to switch it to whitelist mode, which would make the connection accept only the items in the grid and nothing else. We're not doing this right now, so be sure to leave it in blacklist mode. Ignore the other three buttons, we don't need them for this simple setup.). Result: the duct leading into the chest is the high priority route because we set the one into the nullifier to low priority ("dense", red). This means that everything coming from the tesseract will try to take the route into the chest first. However, cobble and dirt are blacklisted for this connection, leaving them no choice but to take the low priority route into the garbage disposal.