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computercraft & can't type on computer


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I need help i am running windows 8 and just put minecraft on it. everything is working like it did on my linux machine except when i make a computer i can do cd rom, cd programs, i can also example type edit dumddumd but at that point i can not enter any code from the keyboard. the only thing i can do is press the ctrl key on the keyboard and exit,


anyone have any idea's on what is going wrong.




*signed name hijacked by Mutant Hero Turtles!*

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thanks i will look again. still new to this forum. i know it was working last week and now its not. so i figure they must have came out with a upgrade that killed it or maybe it is windows 8 or nortons. i am not used to windows as i have been playing this on linux. if you find it send me the link.

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