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Fiends of the Galaxy!


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FIends of the Galaxy is a fantasy tech fusion modpack hopefully combined to bring the ultimate out of this world experience!

now Beta! 
//mod list// 
Devine RPG,Galacticraft,McDoodle core,Grimoire of Gaia,Damage Indicators,More EnchantsAbyssalcraft,Ars Magica 2,Better Dungeons,Chicken Chunks,Code Chicken Core,Custom NPCs,Cyan Warrior swords,dragon mount,Enchanting Plus,Ender Storage,Evil Craft,Extra BiomesXL,FanAPI(they claim short for fantasy API),FPS plus,Hard Core Questing,Idfix,Infernal Mobs,More Enchants,Not Enough items,The Mists of Riov,and Zans Minimap. 
((waiting for permisons for Custom Chest Loot,Lava Monsters,mystcraft(know better to ask them til last!),optifine,and natural absorbtion. all of these mods will be added in due time unless I am told no!))

This modpack is playable but it is not final changes may happen not responsible and neither are the
mod authors for broken worlds when updating always use a backup!

The follwoing people have approved the mods to be in my modpack either by written permissions,or posts in the forums I do not own any rights to the mods and the following links and details are below please support the authors and if you wish for the mod outside the modpack go to their resectful loctions in the link on thier mian site in the details below! 

Hard Core Questing= Vswe,Lorddusk,and Newcastlegeek (Scott) http://hqm.wikispaces.com/Permissions
Micdoodle8=Micdoodle core and galacticraft http://micdoodle8.com/mods/galacticraft
chicken_bones= Chicken Core,not enough items,and ender storage http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/909223-164-smp-chickenbones-mods/
AtomicStryker= InfernalMobs http://atomicstryker.net/infernalmobs.php
MamiyaOtaru=Zan's minmap(or voxel) http://www.planetminecraft.com/mod/zans-minimap/
//enchanting plus team//
contributors=currently mssodin28, GnRSlash
original authors = Qizzok, xkyouchoux.

I am rather new at this if I have messed up in the permssions in the spoiler please help me fix it i have permsion though however idk how to make a screenshot without paint wich i heard could get me into trouble using paint for screenshots

the technic pack review location = http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/fiends-of-the-galaxy.386082

the fiends of the galaxy technic launcher url =http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/fiends-of-the-galaxy


fixed the gui conflct it was strange it was caused by a hotkey conflict but whats even more strange is the hotkey wasn't glowing red


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