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SERIOUS Lag in Nether.

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So about a week ago, me and some friends started a Tekkit Classic world together, and I ran the console and the server. When I finished a Quarry in the nether, I decided to put World Anchors(I'm thinking this is the problem. Ever since I placed the World Anchors, the Nether lagged like sh*t.) in each chunk surrounding the quarry because I knew the quarry wouldn't be making any progress because we'd be spending most of the time in the overworld. About 2 hours after I left the nether with the World Anchors around the quarry, I decided to check on it. The second I entered the nether, I froze. I wasn't even getting a frame per second. I was stuck, and this lag kept going for about 20 minutes until luckily enough one of my friends logged on and I was able to teleport myself to him in the overworld. I explained what happened. Then my friend tried going in the nether, and he got the same exact result as I did after 5 minutes in the nether, so its not my computer. He said he could barely get out of the portal exit. I tp'd him out after about 5 more minutes went by. My best guess is that the world anchors are causing this problem to occur, so that's the first thing I'm going to try and fix. Is their any way I can somehow destroy the world anchors without fighting through the lag? I can barely get to 4 blocks in 50 seconds! Please help.




EDIT: I successfully destroyed the World Anchors in the nether. I even disabled those blocks in the config, but I still get lag, same for my friends. It hasn't gotten worse or better. I NEED HELP, PLEASE!

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