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Adding TC4

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Hey Everyone .. I am currently playing AOTBT Modpack and I've already added on Blood Magic and it works really fine, And right now I wanna add ThaumCraft4 to it (for my personal use only) and I haven't really tried it out yet but I think it will work just fine but what I want your help with is how to get the Aura Nodes since I already explored a lot in my world and I don't want to make the size of it any bigger since it's already at 1.2Gb! So please if you guys have any idea on how to do that let me know please.

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TC4 has a 'random node' placeable, if you're the server admin just switch to creative mode, get one of those, then use them to spawn them in.

I figured it out .. There is a Config option that forces the chunks to regenerate and so it will spawn the nodes, ores and the trees!

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