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Really Slow

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So, I discovered Attack of The B-Team and other modpacks while on YouTube the other day. So I downloaded the technic launcher, allocated more memory (3GB) and clicked play. Everything loaded perfectly, and then I created a new world which did take longer than usual (but I'm guessing that's normal since all of the mods). Then, I let it sit and load like usual for 10 seconds, but still I encounter the problem that I only get about 3-18 FPS. So I downloaded 1.6.4 Optifine, set it up like it is on my normal Minecraft, but still I only get about 10-20 FPS while playing the game. But on normal Minecraft (Up to maybe 3 Mods) I can run it at close to a stable 100 FPS.

Here's My CPU Specs:


Model: XPS L502X

Manufacturer: Dell

Processor: i5-2450M 2.5GHz

GPU: GeForce GT 540M (Fully Updated)


64-bit Operating System



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