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Duplicate Player 'ghosts' when entering the Nether


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I looked around and did not see a topic concerning this weird issue I'm having. Not even sure what to call it. 


Basically, I'm not sure when this started, but I died in the Nether and re-spawned, it left like a duplicate of myself in the Nether - which will also morph when I morph. Now, there are like 4 extra duplicates of me in my house by the bed. I'm not entirely sure how they even got there. They disappear when I log out and back in, but will return if I go into the Nether. I can like hit them, but don't do any damage to them. I'm playing on a multiplayer server and using a Mac. I've no idea what to do about this weird issue. lol The dupes are crowding my little house!


Should I try resetting the pack? 

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Issue has been talked about before. It seems to be an issue with the morph mod and portals being used. Those ghosting entities usually go away after a server/client restart. And in the event of them hitting an active portal, seems to cause a crash.

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