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Filling up a reactor


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While my server host gets its issues sorted out I decided to build a 32x32x32 yellorite reactor in creative for kicks. Building the box and rods was simple enough with a BC filler but now I need to put cryotheum in. While I can put the source block in the filler it doesn't really work as it just tries to fill in the first space at the top corner over and over again and wastes stacks to do it. Is there a better way to fill in the reactor with cryotheum other than hand placing buckets?


Edit: I really should remember to use my brain before posting. Flood gate does the trick nicely.

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The true challenge is making enough Cryotheum for that monster.

Fllod Gate, Pump and Quarry are about the last BC core items remaining, so people tend to overlook them. I did it myself at one point.

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