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Modpack Experts Needed! Please Contact Via E-mail or Skype


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Hello, I have been having some "technical difficulties" in the making of a custom technic mod pack for a single player world. I have watched tutorials, asked colleagues for their expertise, and also tried using all of my baseline knowledge of modding but I keep coming up with no luck. I have in fact taken it into my own hands to locate and download a collection of all the mods I wish to include in said modpack, but do not however know how to correctly implement them into my own functional pack. I am willing to contact any experts, or anyone with enough experience in modding, via e-mail:[email protected] - or through skype so I could send all the necessary files that I have collected over to you. I would love to hear from someone as soon as possible, thanks. - A Hopeful Novice :kiddo:

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