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MTG "Magic The Gathering" Can some one help me???


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Hey people, Im needing to know if any good modders will help me. With my idea of creating a "Magic The Gathering" Mod its going to be similar to pixelmon, But not completely. I cant really give much detail about my idea, but I can say its not going to be crappy like the other MTG mods that are out there no offence. First off, I don't know how to mod for shit... my main goal right now is to set up a mod an sites that will bring in a bunch of people an I want to keep expanding it with more updates an other mods. but in the end I plain on making MTG one of the top 3 mods in the world plus I would love to make a modding program for it, so if any one is interested in helping me comment... an sorry for a crappy conversation im kinda tired.....    

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I'm afraid I'm already pretty busy between all my other projects, but good luck. I'm curious how you plan to deal with the fundamental differences between Minecraft and MTG - off the top of my head, MTG is turn-based but Minecraft is real-time, and Minecraft has no concept of cards.

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