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[1.2.5]TekkitAvalanche[PvE][30 slots] Join us Today!


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It has come to my attention that my last post lacked A LOT of information about my server overall. I have decided to make a whole NEW post, so if you are staff seeing this delete this post: http://forums.technicpack.net/topic/61985-tekkitavalanche-247grief-preventionanti-lageconomypve/


Here is my re-try at this, but this time I will put in more effort into this.


My server's IP is: tekkitavalanche.mcnode.net


My server has rules that I think are quite reasonable. Here are my rules:



[1] No Griefing/Raiding (Unless Un-claimed)

[2] No Spamming

[3] No Hacking

[4] No Drop Parties

[5] No Disrespecting Staff/Players

[6] No Advertising other servers.

[7] No giving excuses

[8] Listen to the staff.

[9] No EMC farms

[10] No asking for items/staff/op (Don't ask staff for these things)

[11] No AFK Machines

[12] No Duping


No Tekkit Classic mods are disabled/removed.


Our Banned Items! I think the reaons for their bans are more than reasonable. 


[1] Teleport Tether - Causes Lag

[2] Teleport Pipe - Causes Lag

[3] Balkons Weapons Mod - Bypasses PvP protection (Currently being patched)

[4] World Anchor, Dimensional Anchor. -- Causes Lag 

[5] All Explosives - Bypasses PvP Protection, Makes ugly holes in the world.

[6] Crystal Chests - Causes Lag

[7] Dark Matter Pedestal - Causes Lag + Rapidly Spams Console

[8] Item Loader - Dupes

[9] REP - Bypasses PvP Protection

[10] Black Hole Chest - Lag


Our Plugins:


- World Edit


- World Guard


- BuyRegion


- Core Inspect


- Greif Prevention


- Mob Arena


- Votefier


- VoteNow


- GroupManager


- Essentials


What is 'TekkitAvalanche' all about?


We are a PvE, Anti-Grief server. We always like feedback, and listen to our players, and tend to what our players care about. We stride to make the server appealing the to the player, meaning we will make it enjoyable to the max! We have Mob Arena, a PvP Arena, and plan to add more enjoyable minigames.


The server is 24/7 meaning that players will be able to play anytime they want!


Our players generally respect the staff, abide by the rules, and don't harbor banned items. We expect this much out of a player who plans to join, as well as a player who will read the rules, banned items, and rank-restricted items.


We plan to see you on our server :)


-  ice_man24

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