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[1.2.9e] 24/7 [EVOTeam Server] - Survival - MultiWorld - PvE - EU West -


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[EVOTeam Server]


Survival server for every player who wants to enjoy a new experience in tekkit

Feel totally free from the beginning to live where you want and how you want
- your life, your story -

tick.pngTechnical specs:

​​· Intel i7 Six Core 4.0GHz

· 16 Gb RAM

· OS x64

· SSD 800Gb

· 1Gb Fiber



tick.pngServer Info:

· IP:

· Location: EU West

· Survival PvE

· 20 Slots - For now

· UpTime 24/7 99.9% - guaranteed -

· No creative mode for Owners or Admins




· No griefing / grief-baiting

· No use bugs or exploits

· Do not spam chat

This includes but it not limited to: Advertising, trolling or insults

· No offensive or inappropriate skins

· No sexism, racism or any type of hate speech

· Absolutely no impersonation of staff members

· Play friendly

· Builds clean

Violation of any of the rules can result in a warning, kick, or ban from all EVOTeam servers and services

The rules are subject to change or modification without notice



tick.pngDisabled Blocks / Items

· TNT - place

· Dynamite - hold / use

· Tiny TNT - place

Updated 24/6/2014



tick.pngUseful commands:

· /bp   -Enable or Disable your blocks protection-
· /bpadd (PlayerName)   -Add a player to your friends list, allow him to place or break your blocks-
Example: /bpadd Robert
· /bpclear   -Clears your entire friends list-
· /cprivate   -it creates a private protection on a chest, lever, button...-
· /cmodify (PlayerName)   -Allows a player to use your block-
Example: /cmodify Robert
· /cmodify (-PlayerName)   -Removes a player from the private protection-
Example: /cmodify -Robert
· /cremove   -Allows you to remove a protection you own-
tick.pngServer Owners / Admins / Moderators:
RaykimESP - Owner - Ingame prefix: GM
Growdark - Owner - Ingame prefix: GM
EVOTeam is currently looking for administrators and moderators
If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to ask in the forum, via PM or ingame
Good Luck !
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Regards RaykimESP
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I do like the server for everything except the fact that you are not allowed to tpa in any way. This makes it very difficult to get to where your friends are. Otherwise, this is a great server! I wholeheartedly recommend.

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