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[1.0.12a]GFgaming Attack of the B-Team Server [PVP/PVE][20 Slots][Open][Little Disabled][Anti-Grief]

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Welcome to GFgaming Attack of the B-Team Server
GFgaming was started a few years ago with a couple of friends and has now formed into 
a large gaming community.
We are looking for players to come join and play on our server and join the community 
and enjoy it.
The server is hosted in Canada running on 16gb of ram and on SSDs.
We have a spawn with mall, hall of fame and portal room. We have a PVP world with 
virtually no rules! Flans mod is enabled in PVP world.
Nothing on this server is disabled, although some items are restricted to the PVP world.
We have plugins on the server to protect your land from grief. We also use rollback 
plugin to rollback any grief/damage caused by other players. Machines, chests and other 
forms of storage are LWC locked by default.
The server does regular backups of the map and auto-saves every 10 minutes.
Anti-Grief Protection
We use a Town protection system that will protect your home from grief.
For more information on how to use this plugins please look on our forums.
What to do if you got griefed
Don't worry we will make sure everything gets fixed.All you have to do is go to a griefed 
zone and type /ticket Help I got griefed.Than wait for an Admin to arrive and show him 
the grief and than he will take care of the rest.
Suggestions are 100% welcome!
1. No griefing, stealing or raiding
2. No exploiting, duping or cheating
3. No spamming chat, begging for items or advertising
4. No being abusive or disrespectful to others
5. No selling, buying or giving restricted items
6. No using alt accounts
7. No asking staff to unban other players
8. We never change the weather, the time or spawn items for players
Breaking the rules = warnings. Five warnings = permabanned.
Donator perks
-make luke dance
-500x500 world
We DO NOT refund donations.
The Donor worlds are 500x500 but can be expanded with another donation(Doesn't need 
to be another 20).Only you can access it but can choose to invite people to it.You can 
request a portal to go to your world and if you want to make it public or private.
The 5 euro donation perks only last 20 days.The 10 euro donation and 20 is currently 
permanent but may change in future.
If Donors abuse their powers they will get it removed from them and We will not refund 
Blackielife (Owner)
Luketard (Co-Owner)
Timedragon92 (Admin)
Avesneakz (Admin)
Samusen (Admin)
Gorby69 (Admin)
TheDaevil (SuperMod)
Chazzy214 (Chat-mod)
Server IP
bteam.gfgaming.org or
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