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[NTGClan]Attack of the B-team [Factions | PVE | Creative] STAFF NEEDED!

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[NTGClan]Attack of the B-team [Factions | PVE | Creative]
NTGClan is a growing community with currently only Attack of the B-team. Soon we will have minigames and our own modpack!
Banned items
- Mag force
- Presents
- Betterstorage backpack
- Ender backpack
Most of the items that are banned on other servers did we patch/recode!
1 Factions
Like to grief? Like to PVP? Then factions is the right server for you! The experience of Attack of the B-team with an awesome plugin that everyone knows, factions. On this server you can grief every base you find with minions/TNT/Whatever, kill the players that are in the base you are trying to grief and be the number 1 on the server. Everyone will be affraid of you, who doesn't want that?
IP: bteam.ntgclan.com
Teamspeak: ts.ntgclan.com
This server is almost the same as the factions server. But you can protect your land more. How? With flags. You can protect against everything from TNT to PVP. On this server you can also grief other players, but if they bought the right flags you can't. So if you like griefing but don't like people griefing you, this server is the one for you!
IP: bteam.ntgclan.com
Teamspeak: ts.ntgclan.com
3 Creative
Like building everything you want without crafting everything? Then creative is the right server for you. Building everything you want in a 30 by 30 plot on the first world and 64 by 64 on the second world.
IP: bteam.ntgclan.com
Teamspeak: ts.ntgclan.com
Coming soon
*Agrarian Skies
*More coming soon
Oh and we are looking for staff! Take a look at this post: http://ntgclan.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=71
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