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More Mods?


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I've played a ton of this modpack, and I feel, sadly, like I am finished with it. While it does have a large amount of mods, it could definitely use more to make the game more interesting for veteran players. What comes to mind for me is Mekanism (and it's associated mods), ICBM, Thaumcraft, Applied Energistics, Big Reactors, and Modular Force Field Systems (along with some mods being updated, mainly Flan's Mod). I was wondering if there was any chance that these mods could be added, and what mods other users though should be added.

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Mekanism, ICBM, AE, Big Reactors and MFFS are all tech related mods and will probably never be a part of this pack since the original intention of this pack was not to be tech heavy. Thaumcraft will most likely never be added either, as a few of the aotb members (generikb, bdubs and co) have made official comments on thaumcraft in the modpack.

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