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[0.6.5]FantasyKingdomsLite [Dedicated Staff][Fresh Server][KeepInvON][Only 12 Banned Items][Free Classes][200 Slots][PvE][Patched McMMO][24/7]


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Fantasy Kingdoms Lite! This is a Tekkit Lite Server,


Join on

Or @ http://fantasykingdomslite.enjin.com/



You deserve excellence!


  • McMMO Patched and ready
  • KeepINV ON :o
  • No complicated mess
  • Free Classes
  • And much more


What you can expect of us:

  • No Major downtime or major lag spike ~ We OWN rack space with over 400GB of Ddos protection, 1GB unmetered Internet Connection and 24GB of Ram allocated to the main server (Keep in mind that this is Tekkit; some spikes are to be expected)

  • A professional and mature staff (over 18+ for any admin) with over 6 month of actual Tekkit Lite experience and years of server management.

  • An dedicated coding team. When we say coding team, we meen actual coders that eat, bred and dream Java.

  • Few banned item (No! Really! Very few banned items)

  • when we say an item is unbanned, we mean unbanned! We will never make you wait to use these items.

Banned items:

  • Dimensional Door (Unstable mod with too many memory leaks and risk associated with it)
  • Mystcraft
  • Unifier (Useless and used to dupe)
  • Nukes (Why do you think xD)
  • Turtles (Being Patched as we speak so give us a few days)
  • Chunk Loaders
  • Exo Suits
  • Block Cutters
  • Adv assembly table
  • Frame Motors
  • CC (Being Patched as we speak)
  • Miners (Being Patched as we speak)


  • Keep Inventory Is On (Only In the Over World)

  • PVP Is Enabled Only In The Nether!

  • Deep Storage Units (You can by them but can not craft them ~ Temporary while we finish the patch on the MKII)

  • Minim Stone (Cannot Hold in the main world, but all features available in the Mining World)
  • Quarry (restricted to our Mining World)





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Great news, we've been working with Gemstores (co-owner of LiteItup) and we've manage to patch CC computer. While other patches usually patch 1 type of crash (the redstone ones); our will patch over 13 diffrents crashes that can be generated using CC computers.



Fantasy K

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Hello, first of I'd like to say your server is great but recently, I (couchpatatochip1)  have starting crashing upon joining. I believe this is because of a corrupted item in my inventory and was wondering if you can delete my player file. Thanks.

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Hey Guys, Me again sorry :3 Just like to thank everyone that as allowed us to hit 1st page in the Tekkit Lite server list so fast. It's only been 1 and a half week and already so much love as been shown. Stay awesome guys <3 FantasyK

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