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  1. The Auth Exploit Has Been Patched You can Now Enjoy Lite It Up Without the extra Passwords! Enjoy guys!
  2. Pixelmon 3.1 On Minecraft 1.7.2 Server I.P : Come Join A Great Minecraft Community With Professional Staff and Amazing Players! Multiple Gaming Servers Including One of the Most Popular Tekkit Lite Servers! Visit Our Website Today!: If you Don't Have this modpack Installed Already you can use our Technic Launcher Pack which is easy to install! Open up your Technic Launcher and scroll down to Add a Pack. Once you clicked on Add a Pack Paste this Link into it and press Add. Technic Pack Link: Like Our Server? +1 Our Modpack Down Below!
  3. All Players Are Asked To Set a Password because of the Authentication Bypass Exploit Circulating at the moment. We Will Have This Fixed ASAP.
  4. New Rack Space Bought With 480 Gig Ddos Protection. Come Enjoy Your New Low Latency Tekkit Lite It Up!
  5. Yes That's Right Everyone! we will be holding a Building Competition! As Some Of You Know We Give a Percentage of Our Donations To The Child's Play Foundation And In Return We Receive Small Bundles Of Games Some From Steam Some From Origin, This Month we will be Giving Out 3 steam game codes to The Winners Of the Build Competions. First Place Winner Gets First Pick, Seconds Gets Second Pick and So On. Here Are the Three Games That Will Be up For Grabs: - Call Of Juarez - A Game of Dwarves: Gold Edition (Inc 3 DLC) - King Arthur II: The Role Playing Wargame You Can Choose The Place Of Your Choice to Build Whatever Your Imagination Has To Offer! Once your Build Is Complete Write Down the Coordinates To Your Piece De Resistance! And Let a Staff Member Know! Don't Forget To Claim Your Work With a Golden Shovel To Keep it safe Until the End of the Competition! You Guys Have 7 Days starting Today 2014-06-22 to Get Er Done! Best Of Luck And Most Important! Have FUN!
  6. Thanks For The Great Comments! Everyones Support Is Much Appreciated! With That Being Said The Map Has Been Reset As Of Today 2014-06-21 Enjoy a Fresh New Start And Get A Chance to Start Off Equally With The Rest Of Our Great Huge Community!
  7. Added Free Rank and Donation Packs On website
  8. Were doing a bit of both we have some custom content that we are working on and were adding the custom content to the modpack that were putting together.
  9. Mining laser Is Unbanned Working on CC Fix atm Thank you all for being apart of Lite It Up Gaming!
  10. The Transmutation Tablet Glitch is NOT patched by Tekkit restrict it just simply makes it a bit harder to do, it is still very Do able. I just finished testing a bunch of these out on my upcoming server. Thanks for the post it's very helpfull. And if it's of any help the Cropmatron + the stacked weedex is only doable through a shop or sign shop plugin to allow that would allow them to stack while being bought.
  11. Looking for someone that has experience in creating quests with the Mod Custom NPC's. For the past month we here at Lite It Up Gaming have been working on a Custom Modpack/Server that's designed to change and add an MMORPG Prospective to Minecraft. We have accomplished a big amount thus far but we are still in need of some extra help to add some shopkeepers and extra dailey quests to a couple of the main districts in game. If You are Interested In Helping out and Being a part of this amazing project send us an email at [email protected] Or Join Our Teamspeak at Hope to See You Soon.. Thanks for being apart of Lite It Up Gaming
  12. Only Banned Items At The Moment Are Mining Turtles and Computer Craft, It's only temporarily until we implement our patch.
  13. There are Positions Still Available I Did receive quite a few Emails but Unfortunately the unprofessional ones have been declined, we are a big gaming community and we like to keep it Professional, Keep in Mine when applying your emailing a Company/Foundation so try to make it look as best as you can.
  14. Lite It Up Gaming is Looking to Put Together a Modpack Development Team To Create One of The Most Exciting, Adventure full, Role-playing Medieval Modpacks Ever to Hit the Minecraft Community! We are Currently In the Process Of Brainstorming Some Unique Ideas To Integrate into this New Upcoming Modpack Here are Some of Those Ideas: - Custom Npc's That Talk to You And Offer You Quests as Well as Shopkeepers That sell items that Differ from Region To Region. - Medieval Theme With Custom Kingdoms And Towns Where you can Accept a Variety Of Quests That Will Reward You With Unique Items. - Magic Abilities, Skills, Stat Points and much more to come. We Are Currently Looking To Fill the Following Positions: - 1 Graphics Designer (Must Have PhotoShop Knowledge and Provide Sample Artwork) - 4 Builders (Experienced Builders Who are Ready To Build Big) - 2 Story Board and Lore Producers (To Work On the Story Line for the Modpack) - 5 Beta-Testers (For a Play Through Once the Modpack is Completed) - 2 Video Producers (To Create The Trailer For The Modpack) - 1 Java Plugin Developer (We Have 3 already) If You are Interested In Applying For any Of The Positions Above Email Us At [email protected] In The Following Format: Name: Contact Email: Position Looking to Fill: Your Pros And Cons: What You Do Best: Your Prospective on The Project: Thanks For Choosing Lite It Up Gaming!
  15. Server Is Back up And Running For Good Now All Issues Have Been Dealt With And we Have A Great New Server! Come Join Us Once Again!
  16. Lite It Up Gaming - Tekkit Lite It Up - Multiple Game Servers! - Experienced Staff Members - Almost No Banned Items! - Mineral World! Tekkit Lite Server I.P : Tired Of Playing Tekkit Lite? Try Our Attack Of The B-Team Server And Join Our Website Today! Check Out Our Rankings! Tired Of Playing Tekkit Lite? Try Our Hexxit Server Or Out Pixelmon 3.1 - Hexxit - Pixelmon 3.1 Technic Pack Link Included For Fast Installation.
  17. - Ranks And Donation Shop! - 24/7 Dedicated Servers - Great Gaming Community - Experienced Staff Members - Multiple Gaming Servers Server I.P: Tired Of Playing Attack Of The B-Team? Try Our High Rated Tekkit Lite Server! Not A Fan Of Tekkit Lite Try Our New Hexxit Server! !JOIN NOW!