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Modpack issue. Pastebin error log included.


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I'm sorry if this is in the wrong section. I couldn't find a place for mod pack errors for private mod packs.



I made a private mod pack for myself only because I wanted to try a few mods out together.


I included a large number of mods, and EVERY ONE OF THEM work except when I include Computer Craft for 1.7.2


I read the beta info and it says it's compatible with 1.7.2, I've updated forge to the most recent version as of today.


Here is the pastebin of the error(s) http://pastebin.com/yrUyCJf4



Would someone be willing to help me figure out what I've done wrong? It worked perfectly until Computer Craft was installed. This is the last mod I want to install in the pack, but I'm afraid it won't work..  Any explanation of how to fix this would be wonderful!



Thanks for your time.




(Sorry just realized this is in the wrong area, if a mod could move it, I'd appreciate it.) Any help would still be greatly appreciated though.

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Are you using Computercraft 1.5 or 1.6? This one is a major transition, and it may be that not all of the other mods are actually compatible to the CC version you use.

Tekkit is still on CC 1.5, although the switch to 1.6 may be coming along finally. Even though you are already based off 1.7.2, it is not guaranteed that 1.6 will work with everything in your case.


This is definitely the wrong forum section for help with your own custom modpack. And no, there is no right section. If you do your own tinkering, you need to do your own support.

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