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1.2.9e Towny ➔ Small and friendly ★ 35 Slots ★ 24/7 dedicated ★ No Whitelist and Whitelisted★ PvP (optional) ★ Grief Prevention


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                   Server IP:



Hey there! If you're looking for a friendly server to play on, look no further!
We welcome all players. Just make sure to play by our simple rules!
           ✓ Eastern Time Zone
✓ NOT whitelisted (day) whitelist (night) - Everybody can join!
✓ 24/7 uptime (unless there' a crash)
✓ Removed Mods: mystcraft and DD (clogs server with garbage)
✓ Plugins: chestshop, lockette, essentials,and golden shovel
▶ Don't (even try to) grief
▶ Don't spam in the chat
▶ Don't advertise for other servers
▶ Don't use bugs or exploits
▶ Be friendly to everyone!
▶ Don't be disrespectful
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sorry the server is up but its going to be 2 days b4 spawn is built if some one wants to help they can start by helping me with a filezilla error  so i can fix a plugin Failed to convert command to 8 bit charset  i know what it is but how do i fix it  do i need to submitt a ticket to pickle hosting or what?

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server isnt whitelisted any more but there is a interview  in game  server does not want hax clients  also server

BANNED: NETHER , DD, MYST  all nether  items can be bought at spawn shop! server is up and open!

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Hey vamp im in the server, do you still need me to be a test dummy and stuff? i also found a way of leaving spawn :/ dont mind me just working on a house while your offline. :)


Although i do need to know what cant i use a bucket of water?

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